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Meet Targets

From the Swiss Federal Act on Climate Protection​

The Confederation is making efforts to ensure that the effect of man-made greenhouse gas emissions generated in Switzerland is reduced to zero by 2050 (net zero target). In alignment with this, all companies have an obligation to reduce their emissions to net zero by 2050 at the latest (including direct and indirect emissions).

We from Azolla help companies create realistic roadmaps to achieve this national target while preserving the value and resilience of their organization.


Our Services

We support small and medium enterprises in becoming more sustainable. We know that pursuing this goal can be challenging, time consuming and even frustrating at times. We are here to help you on every step of the way.

Measure Your Impact

Assess the GHG emissions of different scopes based on international standards.

Engage Your Stakeholders

Conduct sustainability workshops with executive management, employees, and customers.

Create Your Strategy

Identify opportunities for reduce your impact across your business operations and supply chain.

Compensate by removing

Compensate remaining emissions through selected carbon removal projects.

Our Clients'



Making sustainable businesses a reality for swiss SMEs with accessible, affordable, science-based advice

We are a team of young professionals sharing a passion for the fight against climate change. We aim to help companies navigate the complexities of climate action and shape their sustainability efforts for maximum impact.

We do so with our background and experience in environmental science, entrepreneurship and the carbon removal industry and our hands-on attitude towards problem-solving and collaboration.

As the effects of climate change became more and more apparent, we realised we could no longer sit around and wait for change to happen; we wanted to start acting. We researched what is being done and how we could participate but what we came across was a lot of greenwashing, projects with limited impact, and vague climate strategies with no real impact. We also noticed a lack of well-tailored solutions for small and middle sized companies. To put it simply, we were not satisfied with the existing approaches on the market and knew that it could be done better. This is why we founded Azolla in 2020 with a clear goal: accelerating the movement towards a more sustainable future.

Why companies work with us 

Customized ​Solution

We tailor our solutions to the needs of your company.

Real Difference

Making a real difference: no greenwashing but meaningful actions.

Valuable Network

Swiss-based company with a valuable network of industry experts.


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